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MAXvent owlet

MAXvent owlet MAXvent owlet

Product specification:

Medium pressure axial fan with extremely low noise emissions, high efficiency and better performance due to high-output internal rotor motor. Blade adjustment angle that can be factory-set in order to meet the precise operating point requirements. Available dimensions 315 – 1400 mm, volume flow rates up to 144,500 m³/h and static pressure increase up to 2,200 Pa.

Properties & special features:

  • Low operating costs due to optimism efficiency with minimum noise emissions as a result of bionic blade design
  • High output density as a result of internal rotor motors
  • Short and long housing as per Eurovent
  • Very smooth running and high durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
  • Meets ErP Directive 2015
  • ATEX

Motor concepts:

Internal rotor motors

  • PMblue EC technology: permanent magnet excited motor with built-in controller
  • AC technology
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