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PTFE Tube Ram Extruder PFG300 Dia 150mm-300mm

PTFE Tube Ram Extruder PFG300 Dia 150mm-300mm PTFE Tube Ram Extruder PFG300 Dia 150mm-300mm

PFG300 Tube Ram Extruder is a combination of technology, design and reliability offering to customer a simple, easy-to-use, high-performing, “low-maintenance”.

This PFG300 Tube Extruder is to extrude PTFE tubes,It keeps stable ram speed and produces precise high-quality PTFE Tube products. with our original technology.

The PFG300 tube ram extruder series from Sunkoo is able to extrude tube which dia from 150-300mm.

The PFG300 Tube Extruder (Teflon PTFE Tube extrusion) is a SUNKOO PTFE professional ram extruder designed specifically as an extrusion molding machine to extrude PTFE tube for Dia range150-300mm.

The process is fully automatic. The extruder is prepared for tools: single tubes, multiple tubes with multiple tools the extruder has the highest productivity on the market.


* Save time and money;
* Advance designed;
* High output;
* Low energy consumption;
* Long-life;
* PC touch screen,extremely user-friendly operation;
* The extrude PTFE tubes physical properties is stable and adjustable;

Type Verticaltype Ram Extruder
Screw Single-Plunger
Automatic Semi – Automatic
Computerized Computerized
Plastic Processed Sintered PTFE Powder
Machine with PTFE Tube Mould Mould Depends on Required
Process Ramming Extruder M/c
Power KW 25
Tube OD Size range 150-300 mm
Tolerance THK 0.1 – 0.2 mm
Tolerance OD 0.5mm-2mm
Length Unlimited
Production Per Hour in Kg 10-15
Electricity Consumption Per hour Average 2
Temperature zone 6-8
Compressive force [kN] 500 – 1100
Weight  of the Machine 1980
High of the Machine mm 2960
Floor area of the Machine M2 4.6
Warrenty for Parts 1 Year
Machine Gurantee Period 1 Year
Free Spares 1 sets
Floor Hole Dia mm 600mm
Frame inside size L*W 800*800mm
Frame Outside size L*W 1000*1000mm
Voltage/PH/Hz AC380V 50Hz 3 Phase


  • 1. Vertical Ram Extruder for PTFE tube
  • 2. Ram extruding machine for PTFE tube
  • 3. Using for Pre-sintering PTFE material.
  • 4. Suit for new PTFE material or Recycle PTFE material.
  • 5. Range of diameter PTFE Extrusion 150-300mm.

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