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PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine PFB150 Dia 80mm-150mm

PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine PFB150 Dia 80mm-150mm PTFE Rod Ram Extruder Machine PFB150 Dia 80mm-150mm

The PFB150 Rod Extruder (Teflon PTFE Rod extrusion) is a combination of technology,design, and reliability offering to the customer a simple,easy-to-use,high-performing,“low-maintenance” highest productivity on the market.

Ram extrusion is a process enabling the continuous manufacture of sections, especially of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene). The basic material is PTFE powder. The powder is fed into a cylindrical extrusion pipe,compressed by means of a ram and at the same time, transported through the pipe, which is heated up to sintering temperature. he individual dosing charges sinter together into a continuous extrudate.

Technical Data:

Model No. PFB-150
Screw Single-Plunger
Control System Computerize automatic controlled
Electricity Consumption 2.5kw/h
Tolerance OD(mm) 0.1-0.5
Tolerance TH(mm) +0.1
Length Unlimited
Min – Max Dia 80-150mm
Heating 4 -6 zones
Plastic Extruder PTFE Rod
Compressive force 100-600kN
PTFE PTFE or Recycle PTFE material.
Floor area of the Machine 1.6 M2
Production Per Hour Extrusion at 9-18kg/h
Voltage/PH/Hz AC380V 50Hz 3 Phase
High of the Machine(mm) 2580mm
Weight 1320 kg


  • 1. Save time and money.
  • 2. Intelligent and easy-to-use,
  • 3. Small workplace foot extruder requiring less space and electricity.
  • 4. Stable quality and the physical properties is adjustable.
  • 5. Precise temperature control,reaches + -1 degree.
  • 6. Long- life, with modern technology and optimized design.

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