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Opakfil GT/GTX

Opakfil GT/GTX Opakfil GT/GTX

The V-shaped Opakfil GT/GTX is a highly robust and cost effective, low pressure drop, air inlet filter for protection of turbomachinery applications in dry environments with less hygroscopic dust.

  • Low pressure drop
  • Large filter area
  • Easy mounting
  • 100% incinerable
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Aerodynamic construction


Application: For dry areas, where high humidity and hygroscopic dust are less occuring.
Type: Compact pleated filter.
Frame: Injection moulded plastic.
Header: GT header 25 mm, GTX 20 mm
Media: Pleated water repellent glass fiber media.
EN779:2012 efficiency: F7 - F9
EN1822:2009 efficiency: E10
ASHRAE 52.2.2007 filter class: MERV 13 - 16
Recommended final pressure drop: 450 Pa / 1.8 "wg.
(Max. 600 Pa/2.4 "wg), suggested economical change Point 350 Pa
Temperature: 70° C / 158° F max. operating temperature
Additional information: Two versions available: Standard -with two nets on down side, Premium - with eight nets on down stream side

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