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Media Rolls

Media Rolls Media Rolls

Media rolls can be used as pad pre-filters in air handling units, but also as filters in paint booths and similar applications. Media rolls are sold in filter classes G3 to F5.

  • Available for all kind of applications


Application: For use as a pre filter in air conditioning, and spraybooth ventilation.
Media: Synthetic and glass fiber
EN779:2012 efficiency: G2-M5
Arrestance efficiency: 65% - 92%.
Temperature: 80°C - 100°C maximum in continuous service.
Humidity: 100% RH.

Media rolls are used to cut pads ranging from small filter pads used in vacuum cleaners, to large sizes used in paint booth applications to ensure perfect painting results.

Camfil supplies media rolls in different widths, thicknesses and filter classes to suit most applications. Customers can also choose between synthetic media or higher performance glass fibre media.

Camfil can also deliver pre-cut pads tailor-made to meet specific applications and needs.


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