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New Water Drainage System

With the sloped water drain pan, drain water can be drained away easily and quickly.

Hinged Side Cover and Drip Tray

The hinged side covers and drip tray makes it easier to access the coil and electrical connections.

Removable Sections for inlet / outlet pipe connections

With the special easy removable section design for headers, inlet/outlet connections can be done through top or sides of cover sheets.

Improved Pipe and Fin Structure for High Thermal Efficiency

Inner Grooved Copper pipes provides enhanced heat transfer coefficient in two-phase flow of refrigerant. Higher heat transfer peforamce on the air side is provided by the use of specially corrugated fins.


• FEDD model ceiling type unit coolers are specially designed for small, medium and large cold room, frozen storage room applications with a wide capacity range from 0,8 kW- 97,8 kW. Besides, they have 2 fan types for different noise levels of standart (s) and low noise level (L).
• Friterm FEDD serie are standart double side discharge, blowing type, ceiling mounted evaporators.
• Unit coolers with three phase motors are available for an operation with two rotation speed and high speed provides a rapid pre- cooling and then slower air circulation which avoids humidity loss.  
• Units are suitable to work with refrigerants like R404A, R507, R134A, ...
• Capacities are given for R404A.

Coil Block

• Inline alignment that reduce defrost duration and defrost energy consumption,
• 4 - 7 - 10 - 12 mm fin pitches,
• Internally grooved copper tubes special for air coolers, Aluminium fins,
• Inlet and outlet connections are copper,
• Refrigerant distributor,
• Optimized circuit design,
• Test Pressure: 34 bar (PED 2014/68/EU)
• Maximum operating pressure: 22 bar


• Casing material is AlMg3 or galvanized steel, depending on model and dimensions,
• All products are powder coated with RAL 9016 providing high corrosion resistance, smooth surface and decorative appearance.
• Hinged side covers and drip tray for easy access

Drip Tray

• Hinged drip tray for all type air coolers,
• Thermally decoupled tray which prevents formation of condensation at the outside surface.


• Highly efficient axial EBM, Ziehl Abegg or equivalent fans are used in 300- 350- 400- 450- 500- 630 mm diameters for FEDD ceiling type unit air coolers.
• Motor protection classes are IP44 (for Ø400- 350- 300- 250 mm) and IP54 (for Ø630- 500- 450 mm); fans insulation classes are B and F.
• Minimum working temperatures are -25 ̊C for monophase fans and -40 ̊C for three phase fans.
• Special fans should be used under operating conditions below -40 ̊C.  
• Fans are arranged for standart blow through air configuration.
• 200/ 250/ 300/ 350/ 400/ 450 mm fans 230V 1~50/ 60 Hz; 500/630 mm fans 400V 3~50Hz,
• Three phase AC fans can work at two different speeds.
• Variable fan speed regulation can be achieved in three phase AC fans with frequency inverter and all pole sine filter.
• Thermistor connections must be done for motor protection in all fans where available.
• Friterm reserves the right to use fans of different manufacturers. Depending on the brand and type, the fan data may slightly vary


• Indicated sound pressure levels comply with EN 13487.
• Sound levels are obtained from sound power level (LwA) data provided by the fan manufacturers.
• Consult an expert for critical sound requirements.


• Electrical defrost in coil block
• Electrical defrost in drip tray
• Wiring of fan on conjoint erminal box
• Brackets for wall-mounting
• Fan ring heaters
• Drainage heater                                                                                   
• Air streamers                                                            
• Connection for air distribution sock
• Textile hose, defrost flap
• Repair switches for fans


• Air defrost
• Water defrost (for air coolers with Ø400- 450- 500- 630- 800 mm fan)
• Hot gas defrost (in coil and tray)
• Hot glycol defrost
• Coated fins                                                         
• Coated coilblock                                                
• AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless stell casing                                           
• Speed controllers                                                
• Other fin pitch options
• 60 Hz motors                                                        
• EC fans                                                                 
• Stainless steel tubes (AISI 304, AISI 316)                                                    
• Insulated drip tray                                             
• Fan hood
• Blow-Through configuration system
• Installed expansion valve
• Reinforced fans


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