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CitySorb CitySorb

Camfil’s CitySorb filter is a compact carbon filter that will provide effective control of non-specific low-level odours and enhanced IAQ in systems with existing particle filtration

  • Ideal for filtering low concentrations of most molecular pollutants from external and internal sources.
  • 100% incinerable
  • Compact filtration solution
  • Range of standard sizes
  • High efficiency
  • Large air flow capacity


Application: Adsorption of odours and gasses in air conditioning applications.
Type: Rigid pleated filter.
Case: Polystyrene.
Media: Multilayer carbon media.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Separators: Hot-melt.
Gasket: One piece PU gasket.
Recommended temperature range: 0-40°C.
Recommended relative humidity: < 70% RH.
Ozone rating: Oz 7
Ozone removal efficiency: 70% . Value +/- 15%
Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available, Type 8, Type L and FC Housings.

The CitySorb filter utilizes a highly effective broad spectrum carbon media to ensure removal of a very wide range of airborne chemicals.

The broad spectrum carbon operates with a Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD) mechanism that is specifically designed to be highly efficient against the multiple chemicals that are typically present in low or moderate concentrations in city-centre buildings or other locations.

CitySorb is an effective ozone filter with a 70% ozone removal efficiency or Oz7 ozone removal rating according to the unique Camfil Farr system.

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