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CamSeal: Optional Integrated Damper

CamSeal: Optional Integrated Damper CamSeal: Optional Integrated Damper

The Camfil CAMSEAL terminal housing is specifically designed to combine guaranteed HEPA final filtration and controlled air distribution in clean areas in hospitals allowing to perform required ISO EN 14644-3 in situ testing.

  • Economical design
  • Simplified filter maintenance : no tools
  • Control ports room side
  • For pressure drop and integrity
  • High airflow per unit
  • Versatile air diffusion possibilities
  • Non-unidirectional airflow for clean room
  • Interchangeable grids
  • Tool-free access to filter
  • Damper adjustable from room side


Applications: Turbulent airflow clean rooms and hospitals
Type: Ceiling housing for final filtration in clean rooms and hospitals
Installation: In T bar grid or suspended or fixed by brace
Construction: Plenum : galvanized steel ; clean part : white painted RAL9010 oven backed
For filters: Megalam MG HFC HD high airflow HEPA panels
Mounting of filters: Clamping device with gasket compression limitation
Pressure drop: 1 standard, access from room side
Connection: By collar on lateral side or superior
Damper: Adjustable from room side
Options: Swirl, perforated flush, adjustable vanes or 4 way grids to be ordered separately
Note: All grids are hunged
Construction: Galvanized steel and white part painted RAL9010 oven backed
Closure: Instant magnetic studs
Mounting: CamSeal housing

Particular attention has been given to installation, servicing and maintenance in order to reduce system down time.

- Reliability

The plenum is manufactured in galvanized steel sealed to ensure an airtight construction. The clean air side of the housing is fully welded for permanent reliable air-tightness. The finish is RAL 9010, oven baked to ensure long lasting durable and cleanable surfaces. Camseal is available in four sizes and with three different types of duct connection.

- Simplified installation:

The included mounting brackets with factory made holes allow the unit to be suspended or clamped to a solid ceiling.

Retractable spigot is a big advantage when fitting Camseal from room side into ceiling openings.

- Simplified HEPA filter maintenance:

Filter installation / replacement are performed very quickly without the need for tools by utilizing removable rotating plots that centre the filter and clamp it perfectly tight by simple ¼ turn.

- Polyvalent air distribution:

Camseal diffusion plates are all hinged for easy access and are held securely in place by quick lock magnets. They caneasily be fully detached from the housing if required.

Wide range of diffusion plates :Swirl, 4 Way, adjustable vanes and perforated plate.

-ISO EN 14644-3 compliance:

A sampling port is included as standard to control pressure drop or during challenge testing according to EN ISO 14644-3.

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