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CamHosp-R: Operating theatre recirculation air ceiling

CamHosp-R: Operating theatre recirculation air ceiling CamHosp-R: Operating theatre recirculation air ceiling

Versatile, flexible and future-proof. The ceiling is a compact integral solution for unidirectional air-flow ceilings in operating rooms and includes recirculation air units complying with the most stringent hospital standards

  • Low noise
  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption design
  • Easy installation
  • Safety mounting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Recirculation units incl.
  • Flexibility/evolutivity of OT


Application: Ultra Clean ventilation ceiling for operating theatre
Type: Modular ceiling unidirectional airflow for operating theatres including air recirculation units
Construction: Modules factory made to be assemble on site
Air modules (recirc units): 6 modules (example : based on Type 4)- power supply : 6x230 V / 50Hz / 16 A- installed power : 6x1140 W / 6x6,4 A- absorbed power : 0,25 m/s: 1020 W* (6x170 W) - 0,32 m/s: 1332 W* (6x222 W)- thermal load: 0,25 m/s: 255 W* - 0,32 m:s: 333W** values with 2400 m3/h fresh air supply
Prefilter for air modules: Opakfil Energy, CityCarb/CitySorb etc.
Noise level: 0,25m/s: <45dB(A) - 0,32 m/s: <48dB(A)
Assembling: The modules are bolted together on site and airtightness is achieved by individual gaskets between the modules
Protection: Plenum Epoxy painted RAL9010, inside and outside. The air modules are epoxy painted on the room side and all non painted areas are galvanisedTest port: 1 room side, for pressure and EMERY/DEHS test sampling according to ISO EN 14644-3
Filter mounting: Filter access from room side, quick clamping device, Gel seal
Housing airtightness at 450Pa: Class B NF EN 1886:1998 - Class L1 (M) PR EN 1886:2003 - Class C PR EN 12237:2003
Gasket seal airtightness at 450Pa: Max local penetration less than10-4 (0.01 %) according to ISO EN 14644-3
Operating light path: 2 possibilities : a) cover plates - b) add.filter installation
Air diffuser: Screentek in 2 parts
Installation: Suspended by hangers to fix into peripheral perforated pads
Options: Air flow guides, lighting system
Remarks: Complies with health care standards DIN 1946, NFS 90351 etcINSTALLATION BY CAMFIL SPECIALISTS


Compared to traditional “remote” solutions, CamHOSP-R offers many new benefits to achieve a profitable investment for the end user and hospital building consultants:

  • Flexibility in service: thanks to the high air recirculation capacity of CamHOSP-R, an operating room is no longer limited to performing only one type of surgery. A simple command with 3 pre-set air velocity values allows the number of air changes to be adapted to specific surgery needs.
  • Making operating rooms more versatile: CamHOSP-R opens up new possibilities for easier management of the operating schedule in order to maximize use of the operating room pool.
  • Future-proof: CamHOSP-R is designed to meet the future needs of hospitals. New hospital standards and regulations are being steadily introduced, and with CamHOSP-R, hospitals have a better opportunity to adopt new surgical specialities. An operating room initially used for medium-risk surgeries can advance to high-risk without any new HVAC or ceiling investment.
  • Satisfies requirements for High Environmental Quality (HEQ) policies: CamHOSP-R’s low energy design (high-efficiency fans, low-energy filtration, reduction of fresh air needs) are an advantage for HEQ and green low-energy building projects.
  • Lower installation costs: CamHOSP-R requires no high air-flow recirculation units and reduces the size of technical equipment rooms and the HVAC ducting network.
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