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CamHosp 2

CamHosp 2 CamHosp 2

Camfil CamHOSP2 is a remote unidirectional airflow ceiling complying with hospitals standards for sensitive operating rooms that are designed to provide long-term safety for the patient by eliminating potential infection risks during surgery.

  • New modular design
  • More secure assembly
  • Tightness in terms of immediate and lasting joint
  • Conformity to the standard NFS-90 351 in areas at risk 3 and 4


Type: Modular filtration ceiling with a unidirectional flow for operating theatres Design
Construction: Modular, with each module assembled and sealed in the factory and consisting of:1 plenum part made of mild steel1 airtight, continuously welded platform with a thickness of 2 mm1 fastening kit
Assembly: The modules are simply bolted together on site. Airtight joints are created mechanically between the modules
Protection: Oven-baked, RAL 9010 epoxy coating both inside and out
Test connector: 1 test connector accessible from the operating theatre to measure the loss of pressure and to take Test Aerosol samples
Fitting the filters: From the operating theatre the filters can be quickly clamped in place with a compression limiter using captive, pre-positioned tabsCasing airtight at 450 Pa: Class B of EN 1886:1998, Class L1 (M) of PR EN 1886:2003, Class C of PR EN 12237:2003
Joints airtight at 450 Pa: Maximum local penetration < 10-4 (0.01%) in accordance with ISO EN 14644-3
Surgical lighting: AirtightFinish: 3 types of finish:- Screentek: set of clip-on frame units with removable screens made of monofilament polyester fabric- Protek: set of clip-on frame units with the frame and grill welded and with a white, RAL 9010 epoxy coating- Teknik: set of clip-on frame units with a white, RAL 9010 epoxy coating
Options: Rigid air flow guides

In addition to complying with all relevant standards, Camfil's CamHOSP2 filtration ceiling for operating theatres is especially designed to provide ease of installation, maintenance and day-to-day use.

Key features of CamHOSP2:

  • Modular design for easy, quick and reliable installation: The CamHOSP2 system is made up of factory-made modules that consist of a continuously welded one-piece filter framework and a plenum area. These components are easily assembled on site to produce a complete plenum area and an air-tight platform for the HEPA filters.
  • Guaranteed immediate and long-lasting air tightness: It is essential that the ceiling of an operating theatre is air-tight in order to provide effective protection for patients. For this purpose, RTV sealant does not need to be applied on site to ensure that the ceiling is air-tight. The joints on the clean side are guaranteed to be air-tight due to the use of continuous welds. The connections between the modules are made air-tight by mechanically clamping a pre-cut and specially designed gasket.
  • Easy HEPA filter maintenance results during shorter downtimes: Camfil Farr's proprietary clamping system, which has a compression limiter with captive stops to prevent excessive compression of the gasket, allows for quick filter assembly on site. The HEPA filters are effectively protected by removable Screentek screens.
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