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Cam GT 4V-300

Cam GT 4V-300 Cam GT 4V-300

The Cam GT 4V-300 gas turbine filter’s solid airtight frame and double sealing design makes it a high-performance solution eliminating bypass air, extending turbine life and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Ensures water drainage
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Low pressure drop also in wet conditions
  • Resistant to turbulence and extreme pressure drop
  • Easy mounting
  • Meets the industry’s latest and most stringent requirements
  • Water resistant media


Application: All installations where safety/reliability is important.
Type: Compact pleated filter.
Frame: Injection moulded plastic.
Media: Pleated water resistent glass fiber media.
EN779:2012 efficiency: F7 - F9.
EN1822:2009 efficiency: E10 - E12, H13.
ASHRAE 52.2:1999 filter class: MERV 13-16.
Recommended final pressure drop: 600 Pa / 2.4"wg. (Recommended final pressure drop for most economical change point is normally lower than 600 Pa).
Temperature: 70° C / 158° F max. operating temperature.
Fire rating: Also available with DIN4102 class b2 rating on request.
Burst strength: >6250 Pa in continuous operation.
Additional information: Also available in Reverse flow version, half size version and 3/4 size version on request

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