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Absolute™ VE XL, XXL

Absolute™ VE XL, XXL Absolute™ VE XL, XXL

Camfil Sofilair H13/H14 is a high-capacity HEPA filter. The glass fibre paper media is ideal for final filtration applications in air conditioning systems.

  • High air flow
  • Applicable up to 4000 m³/h air flow
  • Low pressure drop
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Optimize the air filtration in clean rooms
  • Individual tested acc. to EN 1822:2009


Application: Very high efficiency final filtration in air conditioning systems, housings and diffusers.
Type: HEPA filter.
Frame: Galvanised sheet metal with handle
Gasket: EPDM, one piece half round continuous gasked Ø15mm
Media: Glass fibre.
Separator: Hot-melt beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane (2-K-sealant)
Filter class acc. EN1822:2009: H13, H14.
MPPS efficiency: H13:>99.95%, H14:> 99.995%.
Maximum pressure drop: 600 Pa.
Temperature / Humidity: 70ºC / 100% RH.
Mounting systems: Housing FKB, FKB/D, CamBox or CamSafe.
Remarks: Other versions on request.

Sofilair is designed for handling large air volumes, features Camfil unique pleating design and offers the following advantages:

  • High air flow rates, up to 4,000 m³/h per hour
  • Optimum filtration sequence in cleanrooms
  • Individual test certificate according to EN 1822
  • New ergonomic handle

The standard version is available with a galvanized or stainless steel frame. Standard versions of Sofilair H13/H14 are equipped with a PU gasket.

The filter consists of micro-glass fibre media in efficiencies from 99.95% to 99.995% @ MPPS (filter classes H13-H14 according to EN 1822).

The media is pleated using Camfil's Controlled Media Spacing™ technology. CMS™ ensures optimized filter element depth and pleat spacing, resulting in minimized configuration losses and low resistance to air flow. Continuous hotmelt separators ensure uniform pleat spacing and form a rigid self-supported media pack.

To ensure the expected operating life is achieved, very high efficiency filters must be protected by effective OPACIMETRIC pre-filtration (F7/F8) using Hi-Flo, S-Flo W or Opakfil.

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