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Absolute™ 1FRK

Absolute™ 1FRK Absolute™ 1FRK

Absolute™ 1FRK is a robust HEPA filter offering up to 350º C heat resistance and 99,97% DOP efficiency, protecting ultra-clean processes at high temperatures.

  • 99,95% at MPPS with DEHS
  • Temperature resistant up to 350°C
  • High air flow


Application: Protection for clean processes at high temperature
Type: HEPA-Filter
Frame: Stainless steel
Gasket: Glass fibre, cord seal
Media: Glass fibre
Separators: Aluminium
Sealant: Ceramic
Efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: H13
MPPS efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: ≥99,97% at 0,3μm, ≥99,95% at MPPS, measured at 20ºC with DEHS
Recommended final pressure drop: 500 Pa
Temperature / Humidity: 350ºC / 100% RH Filter packed in plastic film. Due to the different thermal expansion coefficients of the individual filter components the ceramic potting may form cracks during the tempering process. At operating temperature (350ºC) these filters have an overall efficiency of 99,97% at 0,3μm, leackages are possible.

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