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Leading HVACR associations set signal for EU-Turkey industry relations

Leading HVACR associations set signal for EU-Turkey industry relations Leading HVACR associations set signal for EU-Turkey industry relations

Eurovent, ISKID, and VDMA hosted well perceived ‘Turkey in Europe’ Aircontec Reception during the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt

During the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt, the Eurovent Association, ISKID (Turkey’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association), and the Air Handling Technology Association within VDMA (German Engineering Association) welcomed leading industry representatives from Germany, Turkey and the EU to their ‘Turkey in Europe’ Aircontec Reception. Turkey was the official partner country of this year’s ISH.

During the Reception, the high importance of mutual trade and investments between Turkey, Germany and the EU was emphasised. Industry leaders pledged for a further intensification of industry relations and highlighted the important role of the Eurovent Association in building bridges across borders.


‘Eurovent is the best proof that sometimes the industry is ahead of others in establishing commitment on common standards, independent from existing political borders’, stated Dr Thomas Schräder (Managing Director VDMA Air Handling Technology), host of the reception.

Dr Hugo Blaum (President, VDMA Air Handling Technology) added: ‘Turkey is a very important market for HVAC and Refrigeration and I do hope that we are able to continue to develop our excellent cooperation with our Turkish partners despite of all political turbulences.’ Blaum continued stating that ‘energy savings and low operational cost are the main driver for R&D and investment decisions of today. For example, solar energy in combination with heat pumps and underground water use results in attractive TCO factors. ISH showcased a lot more solutions which suit Turkish market needs and I do hope that the alignment of the German manufacturers with our Turkish partners will provide benefits for both sides.’

Mr Taner Yönet (President, ISKID) has summarised the long lasting historical and current economic, cultural, academic and other relations of Turkey and Germany since the 12th century. He said: ‘The number of German companies in Turkey is more than 6000 and the value of their investments is around 10 Billion EUR according to Turkish Ministry of Economy. As ISKID, we firmly believe that the formed relationships between the two countries cannot diminish easily due to political conflicts.’ Concerning the HVACR sector, Yönet highlighted: ‘Turkey has strong companies with wide range of high quality products in this field. Germany is the top export market for Turkey. The total value of HVACR products exported on yearly basis accumulates to 400 Million EUR. Having qualified young population and geopolitics of Turkey are two outstanding advantages, among many others, which put Turkey into a leading position in its region. Germany is always considered to be one of the most important partners of Turkey due to strong relations between the countries. As ISKID, we believe that there will be further technical and commercial cooperation in the future. In both countries, there were wise and forth seeing individuals who built and kept up good relations with enthusiasm, dedication and hope in the past. Wise and forth seeing people are now here and are going to be in the future.’

Mr Felix Van Eyken (Secretary General, Eurovent Association) states: ‘For decades, Eurovent has been a prime example of good cooperation across borders and cultures, with associations and manufacturers from more than 25 countries working together towards common industry objectives. The Turkish industry has been a key contributor to our association since 1999. Over the years, it has shaped many of our industry initiatives, supported the development and application of European standards in Turkey, and contributed to an increase in trade relations.’

During the event, Mr Friedrich Wagner (VDMA Foreign Trade Turkey) further emphasised the important trade relationship between Turkey and Germany. His statistics indicated that, in 2016, 10,8% of all Turkish imports came from Germany while 9,8% of all Turkish exports went to Germany. The sector air handling technology plays a major role in this respect, being second (Germany) and third (Turkey) in the total share of exports of the respective countries. In 2016, Germany exported 297.375.000 EUR (2015: 340.426.000 EUR) worth of air handling technology to Turkey, while it received 97.264.000 EUR (2015: 91.199 EUR).


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