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Is Ammonia the right refrigerant? Featured

Is Ammonia the right refrigerant? Is Ammonia the right refrigerant?

Is Ammonia the right refrigerant?

Ammonia commercial and industrial applications:
• Plastic industry
• Chemical/pharmaceutical industry
• Thermal treatments
• Cold rooms
• Breweries, wineries, dairies...

The main advantages of ammonia are

1. Efficiency

Ammonia is one of the most energy efficient refrigerants, typically 15-20% more efficient than a comparable direct expansion system with R404a.

2. Respect for the environment

Ammonia belongs to the group of natural refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWO) and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) equal to zero.

3. Safety

Ammonia is among the most used refrigerants in the world. Being toxic and flammable, specific competencies are required for the design and construction of relevant plants.

4. Compactness

Thanks to its high thermal capacity, ammonia allows the use of lower heat exchange surface. Ammonia works well with ThermoKey microchannel technology.

5. Price

Besides the fact that less refrigerant charge is required, the cost of ammonia per kilogram is also remarkably lower than that of HFC’s.

Our special products developed for Ammonia:

• Microchannel cores
• Stainless steel remote condensers
• Stainless steel unit coolers

ThermoKey's units are choosen by the best OEM and installers to use ammonia.


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