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Be the first to know what is going on (GEN - 777.00)

Be the first to know what is going on (GEN - 777.00) Be the first to know what is going on (GEN - 777.00)

GEN - 777. The Eurovent Association is actively posting on LinkedIn and other social media channels of relevance. Our Team follows a ‘first on LinkedIn’ principle, meaning that information is shared on LinkedIn before it is being added to other channels. Be the first to know what is going on by connecting with us.

Eurovent on LinkedIn

The Eurovent LinkedIn portal is the first gate to our association, providing all kinds of information that go beyond our newsletters. See what is going on, where we are active, and how we serve your needs.

Are you a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, or member of any of our working groups? Then do not hesitate to add this position to your LinkedIn profile to show the world that you are playing a leading role in shaping our European industry.

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#IAQmatters on Twitter

Our @IAQmatters initiative is deeply linked with Twitter, allowing us to say Yes to a better Indoor Air Quality in a quick and efficient manner. We also use this portal to share your news and information on this subject. Support our growing industry initiative and share your information with us using @IAQmatters or the hashtag #IAQmatters.

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Eurovent on YouTube

Our current online video channel has become ClimaNovela Interactive. It contains all our interactive presentations and videos, as well as outstanding videos published by our members.

Has your organisation produced a great video? Let us know and we will add it to our various channels.

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Why are we on certain channels and not on others?

Our goal is to focus on a very limited number of channels that we regard most relevant to serve your needs. This is also to reduce efforts required to maintain portals in a high-quality manner.

With the exception of #IAQmatters, which is aimed at a broader public and includes the Middle East, we do not believe in Twitter and the method of limiting important information to 140 signs. This was also confirmed by our 2016 membership survey, which ranked Twitter on the very last place.


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